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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2009|12:39 am]
hello i contemplated to write about why darius and i broke up but no. i won't and there's no need to! anyway i've been pretty busy :( and oh i think livejournal's such a chore. i blog like what? once in a month? hahahahahaha catch me at http://yourdaddysgirl.tumblr.com/ i'm pretty new. but my friend made me create. so i'm just playing around with it. if not i'm always on facebook + twitter! alright i love my girlies. :) they make me happy! gnight world
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evacuate the dance floor -cascada [Oct. 28th, 2009|05:43 pm]
whow i haven been blogging at all! anyway darius is in china now! and its two weeks more to goooo! i cant say i haven't been enjoying myself. i'm so glad i can meet up with my old friends. make better friends and enjoy more girl friends! yay! i can't believe i ve learnt how to play blackshot during this period cause that's what bridget ji evan and jerms dooooo! my kills never more then my deaths thats for sure, i can safely say blackshot so much better then l4d. to me that is! motion sickness to the minimum! and i have been actually planning my days, except for today. i'm bored! and no one's online. anyway the plan is to go holiday this weekend before my school officially starts in nov! my last week of holidays! i hope i really get out of here (Singapore) cause i planned not to work this weekend when i could get 500 bucks easily if i do stay in singapore, but i wouldn't trade it for a weekend out!

Steal the night
Kill the lights
Feel it under your skin
Time is right
Keep it tight
Cos it's pulling you in
Wrap it up
Can't stop cos it feels like a overdose

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee my girlfriends! so we'll see about what to do tonight! hahahahaa amanda just said there'll be nothing to do tonight except zouk! which she doesn't want. hahah have i mentioned i played majong for the first time in my life. with money all. together with evan and his friends hahahahha i suck! i lost evan's money. boo! but the rest were rather nice cause they said if i lost my money that i'm suppose to pay should be divided by two. hahaha but i guess they were not my match! plus my skills are mediocre.. alright so chermin suggested maybe majong tonight. i'm thinking WHY NOT?! hehehhe. yay this post killed my time! i almost lost all my effort cause firefox always screws up and like hangs right at the top of your page ( never scroll down when u need it to) thankGod livejournal has autosave! <3

seeyou folks. miss youuuuuuu!

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oooh girls just wanna have fun! [Aug. 31st, 2009|11:45 pm]

thanks baby for taking care of me! not only that day but every other day. darius has officially started his FYP which sucks cause i don't get to see him all day, till night. and we get so little time together cause he's soooo tired having to wake up damn early! while i happily spend my holidays literally bumpin around. waiting for time to pass. but i'm so glad to have friends to talk to and all. i'm gonna plan my holidays out! went soho and met all my friends, kt bridget yiling qian and myat all, too many people to name but still thank you all for coming! its so late already i should go to bed now. i wrote this to let darius see in the morning at school (since he complains its so boring in class and all) .

to d:

Cheer up baby boy! i love you! and i can't wait to see you after 6. you are the ROCK alright. to mean: strong, big and very solid! hehehe you get the idea! love the fact you can lift me off my feet and scoop me up when ever i'm down (literally) love it love it love it! love you love you love you! the past 26 months were the best times of my life. thank you for the treat to Din Tai Feng today, love the awesome xiaolongpaos! and the mouth watering beef soup! drunken chicken. fried rice(even thou you ate most of it!) hahah and the thoughtfulness to spend time with me though you were so tired. I LOVE YOU BEBE!

thats why.. i don't know what i'd do without you.. when you go to china! :( boo :(

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SOCIAL HOUSE [Aug. 21st, 2009|01:51 pm]

Anchoring the core of the local night-life nucleus at Liang Court , Clarke Quay ,and with an estimated renovation cost of over $5 million dollars , Social House ,arguably the most sophisticated and architecturally profound mega club in Singapore was constructed. 

Promising unrivalled decor , Social House boasts an immense capacity to thrill and entertain
with its main room spinning the hottest RnB hits and its second room , Bubble Bubble playing electrifyingly good House music. Social House , also the largest indoor club in Singapore boasts seven private entertainment rooms designed to capture a sense of luxury and refined style , each room equipped with wireless Internet connection, karaoke facilities and three 40-inch flat screen TVs.

Catering to discriminating club goers , celebrities and the social jet set , Social House is the perfect location for those who are looking to revel in a luxurious privileged world.

Scarlet Entertainment meets Social House again at the end of this month to bring you another groundbreaking tokyo themed party.

Scarlet Entertaiment Presents 
Scarlet ( Shibuya ) at Social House 28th August 2009 FRIDAY !!!!

Cover : $20 ( with one standard drink )

Sounds : DJ Bernard

Payment information: Cash, all major credit cards. 

Location: Liang Court . Clarke Quay

Clientele/Age Group: 18 

Attire: Dress to impress. No hats, white t-shirts, tank tops, baggy pants, shorts, sandals, flip flops, white tennis shoes, athletic or gym wear of any type. 

Occupancy: 1000 

Parking: Parking located in garages at the front and rear of Social House. Valet parking at the main entrance of Social House

Reservations: Available for VIP tables and booths. 

Seating: Yes, general admission and VIP. 

Come! contact me for more details! reply entry or sms me (if you know my number ;)
See you there! <3
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SO MANY THINGS SO LITTLE TIME! [Jul. 20th, 2009|05:59 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]


Short update. cause my blog is always d e a d. happy 25th month plus! to baby. lemme show you we had awesome jap food but bloody expensive! but its a cause for celebration i'd say!

Aww so cute. see baby's food. have to wait one min before he can eat! hahahah. anyway, i've got alot of projects to do once again! but what's new? exams in august.which is v v v v v soon! then baby's gonna go beijing in oct. :( he'll be away for 6 weeks! that's crazy!

so i should get on with conbeh! update soon. btw <3 the group. taballsockz joel rius doug all! for that awesome weekend at dxo. oh yeah plus i went to the ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with my baby! (and his relatives) hahahaha it was fun, after half a year. but seriously, nothing much changed except they expect patrons to pay more, e.g. pay to feed the goats, giraffes, baboons. hahaha and the chicken rice cost 3x hehhhehe!

oh yes, most fulfilled day of the month. to meet up with my favourite people! huyen is back for one week plus (but have already left) soooooooo good to see them <3


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KL with bebe [Jun. 26th, 2009|02:41 am]
[Current Location |back home!]
[Current Mood |fullfulfilling]

hello people its been F O R E V E R. its baby's and i 2 years and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 9 days today! we spend so much time together these two weeks. its spectacular especially going all the way to KL! yes KL for the win. everything was soooooooooooooooo cheap the food is sooooooo good. have anyone ate PORRIDGE STEAMBOAT? YES SEAFOOD PORRIDGE STEAMBOAT! that was the ^^ for highlight! hahhaha plus the hotel room was so huge we slept on a super king i think it could fit 5 of me comfortably! it was my first time sitting in a malaysian cabby btw and i tell you, errr, it sucks! so bloody cramped and the uncles all scheming toad. when g pass me the pics i shall upload a few up. oh YES how can i forget time square's indoor theme park was awesome! wheeheee!

people my poor bebe got checked, body checkd for chewing gums and was striped away of all our GOODs. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNIT! I JUST GOT NEWS SCHOOL'S OUT FOR ME FOR ANOTHER WEEEEEK. HOW AWESOME! ;)
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(no subject) [May. 16th, 2009|03:52 am]
damn confused now. its 3.53am should i go for job casting at 10am? i know it will be frrrrkkkkkngggg goood $$$$ but then again the job is like from 10pm to 6am. like wth!? the pros is that renowned djs attending this f1 event and i might get more jobs in future from them which means more $$$$. did i mention the casting is near my place but its at some condo, condooo! why.is.it.so.difficult.to.decide. :(
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don't forget [May. 8th, 2009|02:08 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

i'm so glad i have all of you.
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hey sisters go sisters [Apr. 29th, 2009|11:18 pm]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]

i haven been blogging for the LONGEST time. so many things happen of course the most recent update is.. SCHOOL HAS STARTED! today my homies and i did the funniest sh!t ever! i swear i was so happzz! we're suchabitch, rlly. bitches to be correct! hehhehe, anw (insiders scoop). so i was rlly excited about school for the fact that i cant wait for attachment to end, felt really lonely all :( thou i met new friends and the list of the miniperksgoes on. that's not enough for me! the worst was that there were no internet connection on my desktop @work. nicccccceeexz. now i have an attachment report to complete. i don't know what im doing here but i just thought a little life in my space could help. plus i'm bored! i went to jog on monday and my legs aching like hell now. douggie saw me and he texted me 'wtf are you jogging?' hahaha and yes i was indeed, amazinglyy i self-motivated myself for a run. ;) had chalet all, much fun. oh and a little mishaps (darius knows, the consequences, after the 'fall' my head, back and elbows are bruised) not very seriously but its still pain okay! so anw immmm so happppppy i have d, he helped me with report just now. yay love you! plus alot of things to thnk you for. now time is running out. got to go babies!
ps i love school also cause i love my friends, yesss i do!

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happybdayprabs [Apr. 1st, 2009|07:12 pm]

fool on april's fool. no seriously. that's what today means. im not exactly in the best mood to blog. the last few weeks tgh with d was pretty good. yes esp ystd's trip to sentosa. tried to get mc at a polyclinic cause raffles medical may be costly at tijmes. CORRECTION, costly, most of the times. so we waited an hour took nonsense blood pressure all bmi stuff then darius got so pissed he decided private was the way to get leave. and yes. thats the only way i reckon and polyclinics are def a nono. whoa the wait there, the people there. its horrible. so damn bloody long i go to raffles all the time i take max 20 min. i waited 2 hour at tpy polyclinic tgh with liz and lest AND I GOT NOTHING! only freee height and weight taking plus blood pressure taking which the nurse didnt tell me that i was in a 'not good' range until darius told me. too low bp too low bmi. damn! so we went sentosa with gabes liz lester was quite a blast i'd say. i went to raffles afterwards and get my mc the doc told me i had fever. you know the real deal? i was feeling hot and all cause of the sun @sentosa hahhahahah damn funny i walked out told d and gabes. they laughed. funnnneh. went to prata house for dinner then we met syed coincidentally at downtime and baby and him caught up about old times!

i took 5 days to update this. so anw had praba's swisshotel birthday party this week end. it was gooooooood! i was sleeping already and i could hear the boys laughter! roaring up! crazy, bet the night turn wilder @ 6am. so watched 12 rounds. DAMN good! rlly smart movie. worth the watch!

Things can get so rough sometimes. ignorance is bliss, but sometimes its.. how to ignore?! well such random post. i cant wait for school to start! i hope things gets better. i mean abt everything. btw, april fools was hell! ew! lousiest april fool in so long!

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